Welcome to CEDARS Consulting

Global competence in International Student Recruitment Consultancy

Established in 2012, with sound experience in international education marketing, CEDARS Consulting Ltd has beenshutterstock_87260332 working with universities and colleges clients in the United Kingdom, Canada and Poland, generating new ideas and inventive ways to enrol more students and create new global awareness.

Over the years, CEDARS Consulting Ltd has developed into a major recruiting consultancy service provider, developing new contacts and revenue streams for existing educational institutions in its portfolio and helping new schools achieve global awareness, and higher value international student enrolments. These have been achieved through a clever combination of long standing global partners, and cutting edge web marketing for SEO (search engine optimising) and social media marketing that helps schools achieve their international recruitment objectives.

CEDARS Consulting Ltd is highly competent in intercultural interaction, demonstrating the core competencies of an effective international business: self-awareness, cultural knowledge, language proficiency, openness, flexibility and good communication skills, all key attributes in developing strategic international partnerships and alliances especially with universities and colleges in the UK, Canada and Poland.