Reason to Study in China

From research, China has become one of the most popular study abroad destinations for international students. This is due to its long history and exciting culture and traditions. Very recently, the exposed statistical data reveals that more than 320,000 students from over 180 countries came to China to study for either degree or non-degree programs. In addition around 600 tertiary institutions have been accredited to admit international students from almost every nation of the world.

China – The creative Land with Opportunities
Employment Advantage

Exploring the opportunities attached to the Chinese economy, it has been established that it the world’s fastest growing country for the past 30 years. Her GDP recently surpassed Japan’s to become the world’s second largest economy after the US. The world’s top 600 companies are poised to engage in business in the China economy, thereby creating opportunities for international students.
Further to this, with the current development in Chinese economy, it very clear that people who can speak Chinese and have studied in China are going to have a great advantage in terms of employment and other career prospects. China has provided a large market for multinational corporations, and employers are aware that a real understanding of China, Chinese culture and Chinese people are very crucial to factors which form the bases for next generation leadership.

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