Reasonable Cost of Living 

From research, unlike other countries in the world who accept foreign students, China is so far the only country that offers reasonably low cost of living. According to latest survey, the average tuition fee for foreigners enrolled in an undergraduate course in Beijing and other cities is about 28,000 yuan (US$3,502). Average expenditure a year is about 50,000 yuan (US$6,253) including accommodation, food and other miscellaneous expenses.

More scholarships for foreign students

education financial aid Ethnic black African-American college student holds pile 100 (one hundred) dollar bills happy getting money help to subsidies costly university cost

Now, Chinese government usually give scholarships in accordance with bilateral education and cultural exchange agreements. However, in the light of increasing international demand, the Chinese government has started to offer unilateral scholarships. In addition, the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE) has set up a program that trains foreign doctorate and masters students. In the last couple of years, a significant number of foreign nationals have benefited from this.

Students from Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Pakistan, the US, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Japan and more countries have been granted Chinese government scholarships. They pursued their doctorate and masters studies and were able to secure employments with attractive remunerations. The Ministry of Education has also decided to give out more than 100 post-graduate scholarships a year to foreigners who have obtained at least one bachelor degree in China and outside.

How to File your Scholarship Application

For 2016 / 2017 session, follow this link to apply for a scholarship



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